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Tucker: Tulsi Gabbard could be the next vice president. Here’s what she believes.

The Beginning of the End: TOP 10 MEMES – Watch MAGA

They Are Mad Because We Are Winning! Dan Bongino Clip

Candace Owens Is OUT At Daily Wire, Internet Set On FIRE Over SHOCKING News

WOW. This 1 minute clip just exposed their ENTIRE PLAN. Liberal Hivemind Vid

Tayler Hansen EXPOSES Military Trained Illegal Immigrant On Plane Sparking Fears Of INVASION

The federal government now spends twice what it takes in tax revenue. It gets worse – Peter St Onge Clip

SCOTUS Blocks Texas Immigration Law, Says Texas CANNOT Enforce Illegal Immigration

Just In: Tucker – Roseanne Barr turns out to be a very deep person. 7 min vid

TRUMP: “The lying Biden campaign and the Fake News Media have a new hoax—it’s called the “Bloodbath” Hoax, taking my words completely out of context.”

Turns Out The Government Isn’t Just After Raw Milk. Farmer Says Oregon Is “Going After Small Farmers Selling Food To Their Neighbors” Women operating farm for 7 years gets notice she can no longer operate without a water right: “Permitting processes to use your own well water”…

The 2024 Election Map Favors an EASY Trump WIN! – Latest polls

How I FIXED My Terrible Sleep – 10 Habits

“Which one of you guys is going to vote for Donald Trump?” Joe Rogan: “Which one of us isn’t?”

Welcome to Wasco, California. A man is at the scene of a fatal train incident where the victim lost his limbs and… goes full cannibal on a human leg. – Clip

Candace Owens BREAKS Silence! Drops FIRE New Video, Announces Next Move

Why Candace Owens Was REALLY Fired by The Daily Wire – Mark Dice

Journalist Jennifer Bilek reveals how a handful of billionaires created the transgender movement

Planet Fitness Boycott Gets HUGE LOSS As BRUTAL Old Ad Resurfaces.

Why the U.S. Must Exit the United Nations and How YOU Can Help

AOC – She’s Writing Your Policy With ZERO BRAINS – Dan Bongino Clip

Beetlejuice 2: FIRST LOOK at Michael Keaton

Judge Jeanine THROWS DOWN gavel after NY AF Leticia James threatens to SEIZE TRUMP TOWER if Trump doesn’t pay nonsense $450 MILLION bond

Tony Bobulinski causes Little brain AOC to have a TOTAL MELTDOWN after saying Joe Biden committed crimes

MSNBC Hilariously DOUBLES DOWN On BLOODBATH, Roasted Over Insane Comments

This is why you don’t MESS with Kevin O’leary! 

Tucker: Joe Biden has put hundreds of his political opponents in jail. Here’s the latest

Liz Harrington On American Life Under Biden: “We’re Now Being Run By Villains Who Have No Honor”

Tony Bobulinski calls Jamie Raskin a liar to his face. Chaos ensues. Wow.

Peter Navarro OUTRAGE – Fight Back!

Trump’s Interview LIVE with Nigel Farage

Tucker Interviews Ron Paul: Hear what Ron Paul has to say about the biggest issues facing the nation

Planet Fitness Boycott GOES NUCLEAR! Stock PLUMMETS As Cancellations Flood In! We Are Winning!

Oprah Winfrey Tears Up Over Being Fat Shamed In Weight Loss TV Special

Elon Musk Exposes The Government In New Interview with Attorney General

Major Discovery in Mysterious Case of Jan 6 “Bombs” — I’ve Never Seen This

The Democrat Open Borders Plan to Entrench Single-Party Rule | Explained in Under Two Minutes 🤔

Humor-Satire: ORANGE CRUSH – Intellectual Froglegs – Just out…

Mark Levin is PISSED OFF: “Look what they’re doing to Trump. You’re plundering the justice system. 👍

Tonight on Triggered is one of the most important episodes I’ve ever done. We’ll be joined by Peter Navarro who is actually reporting to prison for standing up to the sham Jan 6th committee But Peter isn’t backing down

Bloodbath: TOP 10 MEMES – Watch MAGA 👍

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau have been running domestic politics in Haiti for years.

This is the most horrifying thing I’ve ever heard from a Supreme Court Justice.

WOW. Trump hits back at Biden with a new ad about Biden’s Border Bloodbath

Media ADMITS Democrats Are LOSING Black and Hispanic…

Even the clowns at CNN know this isn’t GOOD.

J6 Committee Caught LYING, HID EVIDENCE That Proved Trump Called For National Guard On J6 – Tim Pool Vid

Don’t listen to the fake news media. All they do is lie! Trump is predicting a bloodbath in the automobile industry if he loses. Fake Biden Admin uses for propaganda

Kate Middleton Is MISSING, Conspiracies Emerge That She DIED, Media CAUGHT Publishing Fake Images

BREAKING – James O’Keefe strikes again: this time – the Pentagon. Now you know why the Left is infesting it hard…🤔

Just In: Tucker: They’re still claiming the Covid vax is safe and effective. Tucker EXPLODES it all… 🔥🔥

Who still stands with Trump after all the B.S. the media, Jack Smith, Fani Willis, Letitia James, and the rest of Joe Biden’s goons have put him through?👍


Peter Navarro Explains The Dangers Of Tik Tok And It’s Influence and Kevin O’Leary’s take – War Room clip

Please listen to this from Dan Bongino (Audio) he’s absolutely right! If Ken Buck isn’t lying and 3 more RINO’s leave, Jeffries becomes speaker. All investigations end, certification is in peril AND Bucks sudden departure puts Bobert at risk. YES they hate Trump that much.

Elon Musk has officially endorsed Donald Trump for president by posting a video of Joe Rogan endorsing Donald Trump 🚨

MSNBC’s Lies Go Off the Chart! Mark Dice

The Hero’s Journey: TOP 10 MEMES – Watch MAGA 🛑

Tucker: They told us Jake Chansley, the QAnon Shaman, was a dangerous lunatic who deserved to be sent to prison, if not shot to death.🔥

This is the first AI Agent – you can now have an AI employee that can do incredible things. Also GPT4.5 coming – Whatfinger Sci-Tech 🤔

More Bad News for the FAKE News! – Mark Dice 🤔

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