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Wednesday / August 10.
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8 Signs That The US Is Heading To 21st Century Great Depression: Prepare Your Self For The Worst!

Since the onset of the global health crisis last year, the US economy has been on a bumpy road. But the truth is that the economic problems faced by our country are nothing new. The health crisis just accelerated the impending decay of many of our institutions, industries, and businesses, and once that free fall began some of us already knew there would be no turning back. We will never come back to “normal”. That’s why in 2021, our problems are only getting worse and our ongoing crises show no signs of stopping. Most Americans are just realizing the depth of the impact the past 18 months had on our lives and how everything will be different from now on. As we start to crawl our way out from the health crisis, we’re just beginning to see the damages and imbalances caused by it. Of course, our leaders were the ones making decisions for us and many of those decisions were actually not beneficial to our society. They were responsible for millions of bankruptcies, lay-offs, and also for intensifying our economic woes while downgrading our living standards in that process. It’s safe to say that our politicians and policymakers have failed us, and they have put us on a path of prolonged economic suffering. But once they saw most people were accepting of their non-sensical policies due to the promise of heading us out of this crisis, they started to say what the public wanted to hear so that they could keep finding justifications to spend more and more money. And they will continue feeding us with lies to keep their hands on that money with zero regards for the consequences. Now that they created steep imbalances in the financial market, they have to come up with higher doses of liquidity to inject into the system, otherwise, it will completely fall apart. However, at some point, it will be just impossible to keep using artificial money to solve our problems. The government is arguing that because people are spending more, the economy is “recovering,” but that is far from the truth. We’re witnessing a temporary surge in consumer demand that will soon be eclipsed by an inflationary spike of unprecedented proportions. We are at risk of facing the worst financial crisis and economic depression the world has ever seen. And the more our leaders chose to ignore the risks, the closer we get to the financial abyss. Economists, market veterans, and financial analysts have all been warning that the pin that will pop the “Everything Bubble” will be rising inflation. At this point, the official inflation has already surpassed the 5 percent mark, and by the end of the year, it will undoubtedly be much higher than that. countless price bubbles caused by the current monetary policies. The three key markets that glue the financial world together are about to face a simultaneous crash. That’s why what we have experienced so far is just a taste of what is coming next. So make no mistake, this is just the beginning of our nightmare. When we don’t know what is truly happening, we can’t prepare for what is coming — and that’s exactly what they want. An uninformed, unprepared, and frightened population is easier to rule. If the population was aware of the crimes committed by those who we call leaders, the world wouldn’t be the same. While in the dark, our people are bound to be pushed over the edge and be left with nothing but desperation. That’s why we urge you to keep informed and spread the message. Global events are rapidly spiraling out of control, and our country is on the line. Painful times are ahead, but if you get ready in advance, you won’t go down as the nation collapses. For that reason, today, we decided to expose 8 major warning signs that the US is on the verge of an irreversible collapse. Stay alert and keep your eyes wide open because things are changing at a very frightening pace.