Year: 2022

Remember when the prevailing goal in the education system was to help students reach their potential? Those days are long gone.
Instead, academic merit and achievement among students has been reduced to a secondary, inconvenient concern.
What educators now view as their highest priority is “equity,” or attempting to achieve universal outcomes, not equal opportunity.
So called equity has infested the American education system to remarkably absurd degrees. That’s meant that even fairly innocuous issues are now entirely viewed the lens of race.

Gloria Borger said former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows violated the Presidential Records Act in the waning days of the Trump presidency.
Borger was reacting to a newly-released testimony by the House Jan. 6 committee.
On CNN’s The Situation Room, host Wolf Blitzer cited a transcript wherein Cassidy Hutchinson said Meadows burned papers following meetings as then-President Donald Trump sought to overturn the results of the 2020 election.
Hutchinson told the committee she witnessed her then-boss Meadows burn documents in a fireplace on about “a dozen” occasions.

All social media platforms work with the US government to censor content, Twitter CEO Elon Musk said on Tuesday. Twitter Files released by Musk shows that the platform colluded with the FBI, CIA, Pentagon, and other government agencies to suppress information on elections, Ukraine, and Covid-19. “*Every* social media company is engaged in heavy censorship, […]
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(FOX BUSINESS) — Southwest Airlines canceled a majority of its flights across the U.S. on Tuesday in what CEO Bob Jordan warned would be “another tough day” as the airline continues to grapple with widespread operational disruptions.
“We had a tough day today,” Jordan told the Wall Street Journal in an interview Monday evening. “In all likelihood, we’ll have another tough day tomorrow as we work our way out of this. This is the largest-scale event that I’ve ever seen.