Year: 2022

And when Ukraine folds, since we shot our wad on the first invasion, what then?
DC is the Naked Emperor.
— NC Scout (@Brushbeater) December 28, 2022

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The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled to keep the Trump-era border policy known as Title 42 in place for the time being.
Justices Ketanji Brown Jackson and Neil Gorsuch were the dissenters, taking the position that it’s not the job of the court to correct policy failures for an administration.
Leaving this policy in place will stem the tidal wave of migrants everyone is expecting if the policy is lifted.

Not exactly news, and Russia is very much directing the same here within the US. Take into account our wide open border.
— NC Scout (@Brushbeater) December 28, 2022

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Hunter Biden won’t ever be charged with a crime, but MAGA will be hounded by federal police. When the political opposition is targeted for destruction by those in power, a country is no longer free.@DolioJ@TheVirginiaGen1@KLCRynearson@GuntherEagleman
— Oregon Outlier 🇺🇲 (@east_oregon) December 27, 2022

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams responded to criticism over increasing the use of facial recognition technology by declaring, “Big Brother is protecting you!”
Adams made the comments in response to elected officials who expressed concerns that using such technology could lead to an all-pervasive surveillance state.
Blaming his predecessor Bill de Blasio, Adams asserted that New Yorkers felt they were living in a “state of lawlessness” and that his priority was to “stabilise” the situation.