Year: 2022

The U.S. is losing ground to other countries in terms of life expectancy, columnist Betsy McCaughey says
It’s one thing when government raises your taxes, suffocates your business with regulations or censors your tweets. It’s far worse when government is to blame for actually shortening your life.
U.S. life expectancy dropped to 76.4 years, the lowest in 25 years, according to new federal data. Americans should be gasping.

Fox Business anchor Ashley Webster delved into Tesla’s stock being down nearly 70% year to date, asking the inevitable question if the plunging value is linked to Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and his ongoing transparency efforts to reestablish trust in the social media platform.
There’s little debate that Musk became Public Enemy #1 on the left, which includes much of the media when he took care to create a level playing field, effectively stripping away the dominance they enjoyed on Twitter courtesy of like-minded executives running the company.



The last of the coalition agreements between Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and his political allies have been signed, paving the way for the incoming government to be sworn in on Thursday.
It was announced on Wednesday morning that the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism (UTJ) party and Likud had finalized an agreement the night before. Soon after, the right-wing Religious Zionist and Noam parties announced that they had also finalized their coalition agreements with Likud.