Year: 2022

A tweet that Vice Empress Kamala Harris tapped out over five years ago came back to bite her. She’s in a world of crap for actually daring to praise the evil and racist Dr. Seuss, who had the honor of being censored by the liberal left. Many say it’s too bad Kamala can’t be canceled that easily.
Harris busted cold
When Imperial Leader Joe Biden “failed to mention the disgraced children’s author Dr. Seuss, while “making his ‘Read Across America Day’ proclamation,” somebody remembered that Harris once had a few words to say.

We used to live in fear that nuclear war would first lay waste to our cities and then impose an ice age, as all the detritus thrown up into the atmosphere would block out the sun’s beneficent rays for years to come. We don’t need nuclear weapons anymore. We have liberals. They have already laid waste to our cities through policies that have reduced them to Third World war zones.

(Scott Johnson)
Whoopi Goldberg is in the news again — here and here, for example. Ignorance and malice can be mitigated, but stupidity is something with which you are stuck. Ms. Goldberg is the bearer of a toxic combination. Her thoughts on the Jewish people are a case in point. Something does not compute.
When I was a teenager I read every paperback book I came across on the Holocaust. Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account, by Miklós Nyiszli, for example, as well as I Cannot Forgive (as it was titled in England, where I bought it), by Rudolf Vrba, and Night, by Elie Wiesel.

CHINA FILES: Jack Posobiec on how China went from the Great Leap Forward to the infamous struggle sessions. “Tens of millions of people starved to death.”
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