Year: 2022

It’s the season for giving.
I’ll give!
I’ll donate to the Doe Fund, a charity that helps ex-cons find purpose in life through work. “Work works!” they say. It does. Doe Fund graduates are less likely to go back to jail.
I’ll donate to Student Sponsor Partners (SSP), which helps at-risk kids escape bad “public (government-run) schools.
SSP sends the kids to Catholic schools. I’m not Catholic, but I donate because the Catholic schools do better at half the cost. Thousands of families break the cycle of poverty thanks to SSP.

The news about Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailo has gotten worse.
Tagovailoa did indeed suffer his second concussion of the season on Sunday and so backup Teddy Bridgewater is expected to start at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins against the New England Patriots.

With Mike McDaniel confirming Tua did indeed suffer a concussion vs. Packers, his second this season, it’s obvious team going with Teddy Bridgewater as starter at Patriots.

Since I began teaching, I have only given essay exams. No multiple choice. No short answers. Rather, each exam has two, complex issue-spotter essay questions. The exam is completely open-book. I always tell my students they can bring whatever they want to the classroom–nothing will help them. I also issue a regular warning: do not cheat, because I will spot similarities in writing very quickly. Over the years, I only had once incident. I found that two students had very similar answers to a particular essay question.

Minutes of Regional Planning Commission meetings in 2012 show large opposition to developing West End Lake Shore Park. Residents questioned if efforts by elected officials to convert the Park are being done to legal criteria for the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana.
Ten years later, at the recent December 5th meeting at the New Orleans Municipal Yacht Harbor the same concerns and objections to converting an historic park to mixed-use commercial development were expressed.  Approximately 85% of the 50 residents opposed the current proposed development plan.