Year: 2022

The Marine Corps must let Sikh recruits keep beards and wear turbans, a federal court has ruled, clearing the way for two men of the South Asian faith to enter basic training without violating their religious principles.
The Corps tried forcing the men to participate in daily shaving for 13 weeks of boot camp, but made no compelling argument for the requirement, the New York Times reported. 
They can now start training immediately, while a third Sikh man who applied for officer candidate school is set to have his case reconsidered in light of the decision.

Derek Carr has been the Raiders starting quarterback for nine season in both Oakland and Las Vegas. But that ends on Sunday.
Coach Josh McDaniels confirmed Wednesday afternoon that Carr has been benched. The Raiders will start Jarrett Stidham against the San Francisco 49ers. McDaniels also said practice squad quarterback Chase Garbers will be promoted to the active roster and serve as the backup.
Carr not only is not playing and not active, but is benched for the season-finale as well.

The relaxation in Hong Kong’s rules comes after mainland China eased its hardline coronavirus policies
Hong Kong will drop most of its stringent Covid-19 restrictions this week, including a vaccine pass requirement and outdoor social distancing rules, city executive John Lee said on Wednesday. Along with mainland China, Hong Kong was one of the last jurisdictions in the world still pursuing a ‘zero Covid’ policy.
As of Thursday, Hong Kong residents will no longer have to display proof of vaccination to enter bars, restaurants, and other public venues.

Thousands of fentanyl pills were found on a train crossing into Arizona from Mexico and seized by customs officials on the Mexico border in Arizona last week. The Daily Mail found that according to the report, the train was searched by United States Customs and Border Protection officials as it came into Nogales, Arizona Wednesday.
The train was carrying approximately 736,200 fentanyl pills and 196 pounds of methamphetamines in one single rail car. Just one day before, the port seized 150,000 pills hidden under the seats of a vehicle. On Monday, 10,400 fentanyl pills and 6.

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