Year: 2022

As usual the period between Thanksgiving and the New Year saw a lot of calories enter the house. As we roll, both literally and figuratively, into 2023 the person who is responsible for this will then revert to her natural state of reminding me that I have to lose weight.

Taxpayers will now be on the hook for push-up bras and other transgender accessories for an imprisoned transgender murderer who killed his parents and the family dog.
Andrew Balcer, who also goes by Andrea, is now listed as “female” by the Maine Department of Corrections (MDOC).
On Halloween in 2016, Balcer stabbed his parents and dog to death — blaming his family’s lack of support for his struggle with gender identity for the slaughters.
Reduxx reports that “Balcer had woken his mother and told her that he was having trouble sleeping.

Those who rule over everyone else suggested that a social media platform start censoring “legitimate content” to maintain a grip on the official narrative. The Twitter files are proving what most of us already knew: the United States government is a tyrannical dictatorship that stops at nothing to silence and censor those who disagree.
Since all government is a system of slavery, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, and yet it still is.

Title 42, the statute adopted at the times of the influenza outbreak by then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Since the beginning of the Biden administration, President Trump has been under constant attack. During the time when the COVID-19 virus was prevalent and officials were attempting to limit mobility to prevent the pandemic, the flow of illegal immigrants via the southern border of the United States was a major concern.
Trump’s Stay in Mexico policy requires migrants to be held in Mexico prior to entering the United States to allow for adequate screening and processing.