Year: 2022

Warning: graphic content
A man who spent three decades as the director of a prestigious youth theater in Kansas City has been found dead just days after allegations surfaced that he had sexually abused several males at various times during his career.
On Saturday, police discovered the dead body of Jeff Church, the 63-year-old artistic director of the Coterie Theatre, at his home in Kansas City, Missouri. Earlier that day, Church had resigned his position at the theater after several former theater associates claimed publicly that he had assaulted them in the past.

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People are beginning to learn that going Green is not what it seems. There are now reports of slave labor mining cobalt. Pending homes imploded.

The following article, Leftist Criminals Can’t Even Get Robbery Right, was first published on The Black Sphere.

You’ve heard of dumb criminals before. But this case takes it to the next level while proving life does indeed imitate art. Thanks to our many streaming services, I spent the holidays watching tons of Christmas classics with my grand-daughters.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) on Wednesday called on Attorney General Ken Paxton to investigate Atmos Energy’s failure to prepare for last week’s Polar Vortex.
A powerful Arctic blast caused temperatures in Texas to dip below zero over the Christmas holiday weekend.

Abbott said Atmos Energy failed to deliver natural gas to North and Central Texas.
“Leading up to, and during the winter event, State of Texas agencies worked around the clock to mobilize resources and assist utilities in any way possible,” Abbott said in one of the letters.

Conduct involving questionable judgment, lack of candor, dishonesty, or unwillingness to comply with rules and regulations can raise questions about an individual’s reliability, trustworthiness, and ability to protect classified or sensitive information. Of special interest is any failure to cooperate or provide truthful and candid answers during national security investigative or adjudicative processes.

A new law that decriminalizes jaywalking and prevents law enforcement officers from giving jaywalking tickets for most jaywalking situations is to come into law on January 1st, with many departments across the state preparing for the law change this week.
Bills trying to either outlaw or decriminalize jaywalking have been repeatedly attempted since the mid 2010’s in California, but never managed to either pass the California legislature or get signed by a Governor.