Year: 2022

A retired school teacher recently spent six weeks volunteering in Ukraine and is now working to share his story with the West Michigan community.
Bob Wood, of Muskegon, says he flew to Ukraine with little planned direction, but came back with mounds of experiences and firsthand knowledge of the war-torn country.
“The fact that I had my feet on the ground was important to Ukrainians,” he said. “It was so inspirational. I met so many people. I learned so much. The whole point was to be of use.

Mike Whitney – The Unz Review Dec 28, 2022
“Getting Ukraine to join NATO was the key to inciting war with Russia. We didn’t get it at the time. (But) Now it’s obvious. Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine because he didn’t want Ukraine to join NATO. Putin certainly had other motives as well; people always do, but that’s the main reason Russia invaded. The Russians don’t want American missiles on their border. They don’t want a hostile government next door. Now that is true, whether you are allowed to say it aloud in public or not. It has been true for a long time.

Moon of Alabama – Dec 28, 2022
Since the mid of the year it has become clear that the war in Ukraine is one that is mainly fought by artillery.
Ukraine was clearly the underdog in that fight as the Russian forces fired eight times the amount of artillery munitions the Ukraine could make available. The U.S. and some European dependents stepped in. Some 120 M-777 guns and a myriad of modern track mounted artillery systems were given to the Ukrainian army. Hundred of tons of ammunition were moved in. The U.S.

Press TV – Dec 28, 2022
Russia will soon provide a complete squadron of Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets to the Islamic Republic of Iran, a development that will likely further rile up the West as Tehran and Moscow deepen their defense and economic cooperation in defiance of sweeping sanctions and coercive measures.
Media reports, citing military experts, said 24 units of the twin-engine and super-maneuverable aircraft, a fourth-generation fighter jet designed primarily for air superiority roles, will be supplied to Iran in the near future.

Oliver JJ Lane – Dec 26. 2022
Approval rates for welcoming refugees and support for globalism are low across Europe, with soaring numbers of respondents believing they are being personally harmed by the globalisation process, research shows.
The number of Britons who believe they are being personally harmed by globalisation has increased near-three-fold in one year, the number of Swedes who believe that has doubled, and in Germany, it has gone up nearly 90 per cent.