Year: 2022

An antiquated IT system is partially or the key reason for the Southwest Airlines implosion these last few days.

Southwest Airlines’ pilot and flight attendant unions warned for years that the company’s rickety computer systems left the airline vulnerable. The carrier stuck with outdated technology and never heeded those warnings, they say.

15 years ago
January 2008
“If larger economies were to introduce guest worker programs like Singapore’s, the impact on migrant welfare would be enormous. The number of foreign-born residents in the wealthy countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is now a mere 7 percent of the total population, as compared with the Asian city-state’s 43 percent.

What’s Happening: Don’t believe the media’s claims. We are suffering under inflation, thanks to Joe Biden. Nearly every decision he’s made has hurt the U.S. economy. He weakened the value of the dollar with reckless spending. He’s raised taxes, shut down our energy industry, and refused to fix the supply chain. Most Americans have suffered […]
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