Year: 2022

Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin, who was the lead impeachment manager for former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment and is now on the Jan. 6 Committee, made a huge announcement in a press release today. PRESS RELEASE WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) today released the following statement. “After several days of tests, I have […]
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Garçon, I would like a fact-check with this slice of propaganda please.
And not even a big, juicy fat check. Even a “missing context” ruling would do this cringe-worthy Twitter video some justice.
First, the video, wherein President Joe Biden gloats about how fast he can work and how much he’s working for the American people:

At the end of a historic, productive session of Congress full of bipartisan results, I still have a few bills left to sign.
Take a guess how long it took me to sign a stack of 65 of them. pic.twitter.

As excited families descend on Disneyland in California and Florida-based Walt Disney World during the theme parks’ busiest season, the entertainment conglomerate is warning guests not to behave like jerks and ruin other people’s vacations. Both resorts added courtesy sections to their websites, reminding visitors that Disney expects them to behave like well-mannered human beings.…
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By Stephen Owsinski Although it is a classic tribute to U.S. postal employees out there delivering “through rain, sleet, or snow,” our nation’s law enforcement officers also befit the distinction…on every holiday, often working in winter wonderlands that dreadfully hinder efforts. Nevertheless, public safety presence is there while citizens celebrate by exchanging presents.