Year: 2022


By Micaela Burrow
Daily Caller News Foundation
The Biden administration announced new restrictions on inbound travelers from China Wednesday.
Starting Jan. 5, all travelers from China above the age of 2 will have to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours of departure, The Associated Press reported. U.S. health officials say the move is aimed at stemming a rebound of COVID-19 cases after China eased its lockdown policies over the past weeks have caused a surge in cases across the country.

In Part Four of The China Files – Rise of the Red Emperor – Jack Posobiec is directly in his wheelhouse as he breaks down the rise of none other than Chairman Xi. This isn’t just a masterclass on how Xi tamed the Red Dragon, it’s a crash course in WHY he rose to power chronicling his upbringing, vendettas during his ascension and exactly where the CCP stands on the world stage today.

It was a mob scene Thursday at Kirk Cameron’s reading of his God-focused children’s book at the Indianapolis Public Library — except this mob didn’t do what mobs do; rather it was just smiles, cheering, and laughter all around.

u201cThis is a message to every library in the United States: nnIn 137 years of the Indianapolis Public Libraryu2019s history, NEVER ONCE have they had over 2,500 people show up to a single event. nnUNTIL TODAY.

On January 6, 2021, the unconstitutional US House Committee, which was dominated by political opponents of Conservatives and of President Donald J. Trump, used the platform to elevate themselves for political purposes, attempting to criminalize their opposition for nearly a year and achieving nothing.
The committee’s foolishness is done, but not before they sought to subpoena a previous president, demonstrating that they are completely out of control with retribution.

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas (Video screenshot)

The 18 Republican senators who caved to pressure from leftists and supported the Democrats’ $1.7 trillion spending spree are “turncoats.”
That’s the conclusion from Gun Owners of America, the Second Amendment rights organization, which issued, according to the Epoch Times, a “scathing” rebuke to them.
In a statement issued just before Christmas, GOA accused the group of advancing the Biden administration’s anti-gun agenda, along with the spending binge in the Omnibus legislation.

The price of eggs has hit a record high and is not showing any signs of going down in the near future.
From November 2021 to November 22, egg prices jumped a massive 49 percent, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
One of the main reasons for the sky-high inflation has been a deadly avian flu that prompted many large egg and poultry suppliers to have to cull their flocks.
It is estimated that 60 million birds were killed and disposed of due to the virus — which is expected to continue infecting flocks into 2023.

The most intriguing subplot of the 2022 MLB offseason is undoubtedly the never ending Carlos Correa saga.
Correa’s free agency has had fascinating twists and turns. From initial reports that the Dodgers could be interested, despite past rivalries, to his eventual deal with the Giants.
That, of course, blew up in spectacular fashion at his introductory press conference after medical concerns.
But it seemed resolved a few hours later, when he agreed to a massive deal with the New York Mets.