Year: 2022

From Next News Network:
Townhall reports, in response to questions on whether he intends to leave the Democratic Party, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) declined to answer. Manchin was asked during a recent interview on CBS’s Face the Nation, about a recent failure that Manchin experienced, and how he felt about partisan politics.

The massive increase in crime in America throughout the last few years has not been the result of chance or lunar biorhythms.
The crime which has caused much death and destruction in America has been spread through a coordinated effort on the left to demonize the police and negate all forms of authority—this has included our system of education and our family structure as the building block of a healthy society.
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Destructive groups have arisen with the intent to wreak harm to our nation, our culture, our history, and our people.

We previously reported on the monstrous Omnibus Bill, worth $1.7 trillion, that the Democrats want to push through Congress. It gives Joe Biden and the Democrats everything they want, without holding them accountable for anything. This includes border security. This is insane, especially considering that we are already facing inflationary pressures from overspending. It is over 4000 pages in length and was just passed. It is impossible to read the entire bill, but senators are already working to pistol whip it through before Friday.

From Next News Network:
A recent photo of President Joe Biden has sent eagle-eyed social media users into a frenzy. The zoomed-in snapshot of the commander in chief appears to reveal some very unsettling details regarding his hands and face. The President’s camp has yet to comment on the mysterious image or provide any explanations… making this story even more intriguing and alarming!

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“Either Biden is molting or shedding his skin like a snake.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky made good on his promise to demand more US aidduring his trip to Washington on Wednesday. 

Zelensky is basically an ungrateful international welfare queen.
— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) December 21, 2022

Back in February, an anonymous US official invented a B-level action movie quote by Zelensky: “I need ammunition, not a ride”
Turns out he needs both, as he’s taken a US military jet to Washington, clad in fake battle dress, to beg for more than $45 billion in “ammunition.” https://t.

(CBrief) – Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney is confident about his prospects in his next election. He did not declare his candidacy for Senate in 2024 but he did say “I’m convinced that if I run, I win,” Politico reported.
“I’ve faced long odds: Getting the nomination in 2012 was a long shot, becoming a Republican governor in one of the most liberal states in America, Massachusetts. … So I’m convinced that if I run, I win. But that’s a decision I’ll make,” he said in the Politico interview.
But the path for Sen.

Nearly a year after Judicial Watch launched an investigation into the theft of U.S. COVID relief funds by foreign hackers, the Secret Service confirms that cyber criminals connected to China’s government stole $20 million in benefits. This includes Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and unemployment insurance money in multiple states, according to a national news story that identifies the perpetrators as a APT41, a hacking group based in Chengdu. The report cites U.S.

Paul Finebaum thinks the Big Ten might not be done growing.
The Big Ten will add USC and UCLA in 2024, and when that happens, the conference will have the geographic footprint by a gigantic margin.
While things seem to have cooled on the expansion front, the ESPN star thinks a pair of PAC-12 programs might eventually be on the way.
“I think Oregon and Washington are the two schools that would be the first first to go. Yeah, I still think there’s some movement left in the Big 12 so I don’t think that affects the big, the Big Ten can get who they want. I felt it for some time.