Year: 2022

A woman claims Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler sexually abused and pressured her into an abortion in the 1970’s
Steven Tyler, the lead singer of iconic rock band Aerosmith, has been accused in a lawsuit of sexually abusing an underage girl in the 1970’s when he was 25 years old. According to court documents obtained by Rolling Stone, the plaintiff, Julia Holcomb, claims she was only 16 when she became the victim of sexual assault, sexual battery, and intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

When not spying on Americans or plotting the overthrow of [REDACTED], the CIA has been branching out into online content. The Langley Files is an interview-style podcast produced in-house for the CIA’s 75th anniversary. Episodes run under 30 minutes and are hosted by Dee and Walter—who, true to form, go only by possibly pseudonymous first names.
CIA Director Bill Burns, the first episode guest, hopes the show will “demystify” the famously opaque agency.

In Part 4 we started to talk about Meetings – both those that Government MUST allow you to attend (RSA 91-A:2) called Open Meetings – and a bit of what a meeting ISN’T.  The differences ARE important. You can’t go blasting into a “meeting” thinking your guns can be blazing when it is a different kind of a meeting. While Government has strictures placed upon it by this law (ergo, my constant admonition to Follow The Law), you as an attendee have the responsibility to know and respect the differences.
However, we only got through Clause I of the second Part of RSA 91-A.