Year: 2022

Reising M50: Worst American Rifle Issued to Troops – Marines in World War Two thought they had a winner. This submachine gun was initially viewed as having an advantage in close-quarters combat against the Japanese in the jungles of the Pacific theater. The Reising M50 submachine gun should have fit the bill. But it was […]
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Broadly speaking, anyone (other than white South Africans) can claim “credible fear” at the U.S. south-western border, and must, by law, be given safe passage. That, combined with family unification policies — one legal, third-world immigrant brings in a tribe — and birthright citizenship, a legal aberration not practiced by any serious country in the …
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U.S. House of Representatives Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy at first seemed like he had a lock on becoming the Speaker of the House. He was thought to be competent and popular with an energetic and optimistic outlook on his political game. Now McCarthy is having unforeseen difficulty on his path to Speaker. The biggest problem […]
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