Year: 2022

When it comes to the absurdity of American taxpayers giving “reparations” to black descendants of slaves, it’s hard to limit the number of objections.
These are the facts: American slavery, though horrific, was legal. It ended 157 years ago. The government did not own slaves, the private sector did. Most Southerners did not own slaves. Nearly all slave owners were Democrats (so why should non-Democrats pay reparations?). Hundreds of thousands of white Northerners lost their lives and suffered serious injuries fighting in the Civil War that ended slavery.

Prominent critic in Congress warned about the danger of “wokeism” in the services
A newly-published study claiming the US Marine Corps would benefit from dropping gendered identifiers like “sir” and “ma’am” for drill instructors was not only “insane” but a waste of the $2 million the USMC paid for it, the ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Military Personnel Committee said in a statement on Wednesday.
“I hope the Commandant not only rejects the recommendation but also asks for his money back,” wrote Congressman Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin wrote.

Alex Stein loves to go where nobody else would dare.
This time, it was a trip to Denton, TX, to check out a transgender storytelling hour.
He got right in the face of armed ANTIFA guards, and it was truly a sight to see.
Here We Go Again
All of a sudden, Texas is becoming transgender-central.
Patchouli Joe’s Books & Indulgences store was the latest Texas business to host a transgender event that children were encouraged to attend.
This time, instead of Roanoke, TX, it was Denton.

Anita Desikan didn’t know what she was in for, when she got called in front of the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus. Jim Jordan was well prepared for her testimony on Friday, April 29. Her business cards say she’s a “senior analyst” at the Center for Science and Democracy. Any think-tank organization with the word “democracy” in it is guaranteed to slant left. Jordan got out the razor blade of logic and verbally sliced her to ribbons.

The latest developments to come oozing out of the swamp, in the plot to frame former President Donald Trump, are focused on “YotaPhones.” It appears that Sussmann engineered that scandal, too. John Durham and his special team of investigators have been really busy in recent weeks, which has Hillary Clinton and her evil minions really nervous.
Part of the plot
Fresh details are swirling around over more bogus Trump-Russia collusion allegations pushed by Michael Sussmann at the CIA, as part of his plot to frame Trump. This new information involves ultra-high tech Russian “YotaPhones.

The basic premise of Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop was to use Twitter as a platform built upon a mission to control and influence public opinion. As a result of the evolution, the growth of the public-private partnership, content moderation flows through DHS.  If the system operators allowed you to see that your opinions were not […]
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