Year: 2022

SYDNEY, Australia — Perfectionists often put a lot of pressure on themselves at work, but a new study finds that even stress at home can lead to burnout. Professor Gordon Parker, a clinical psychiatrist at the University of New South Wales, says perfectionists are more likely to burn out than the average person because of their…
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Bowl games are becoming less and less meaningful with respect to how they reflect the strength of the programs involved in them, and Monday’s Citrus Bowl matchup between LSU and Purdue is a good example of that trend.
Both teams are missing key pieces of their lineups who contributed to strong seasons – in Purdue’s case, an 8-5 campaign which included a Big 10 West Division championship, and in LSU’s, a 9-4 season and an SEC West title.

Some cities have a brand.
— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) December 30, 2022

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