Year: 2022

Eric Zuesse
On December 13th, Gallup listed, in order of Americans’ polled ratings of issues as being the nation’s “Most Important Problem”, all 14 issues that more than 2% of Americans thought to be that; and here they were, in order from the top-most to the bottom-most, of all issues that the thousands of Americans who were sampled volunteered to be that:
(1) Government, (2) Inflation, (3) The economy, (4) Immigration, (5) Unifying the country, (6) Covid-19, (7) Race relations, (8) Crime, (9) Gasoline prices, (10) The courts, (11) Poverty, (12) Abortion, (13) Morals), (14) Environm

(John Hinderaker)
Stanford has issued a 75-page report on its discrimination against Jews in the 1950s. The report resulted in an apology for its past practices by University President Marc Tessier-Lavigne.
In a terrific Minding the Campus article, John Rosenberg, who writes at Discriminations, asks how much things at Stanford have really changed:

Someone should ask him why he believes the policy of restricting the number of Jews was wrong.

We all are accustomed by now to the GOP treating conservatives like Chip Diller in Animal House (Thank you sir, may I have another!). So naturally the RINO sellouts in Congress decided to hand our God-given 2nd Amendment rights over to the most anti-gun regime in American history.
Gun Owners of America went through the 4,000+ page omnibus package and uncovered $11 million worth of weaponry to oppress law-abiding gun owners.

Happy Holidays to everyone but Joe, Chuck, Nancy, and Mitch. Thank you to all our readers who keep us going in trying times. It’s hard to believe what is happening in this country, but this is a fun time of year, just the same. Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish readers, and Merry Christmas to […]
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SAN DIEGO – Michael James Pratt, a man on the FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives list who operated a San Diego-based pornography production company and related websites GirlsDoToys and GirlsDoPorn, was captured in Spain this week. The man who hails from New Zealand had been evading sex trafficking charges, including coercing women to have sex on camera.