Year: 2022

The Russian star has become the second-highest scorer in NHL history
Alexander Ovechkin’s latest achievement hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the biggest names in the NHL after the Russian star moved into second place in the league’s all-time scorers roll of honor on Friday night.
Ovechkin, 37, scored twice in the Washington Capitals’ 4-1 triumph against the Winnipeg Jets to first tie and then eclipse Canadian great Gordie Howe’s record of 801 NHL goals to land in second place in the all-time list.

My husband and I often discuss Nancy Pelosi. We are weird like that. We think she is not smart or clever, that she is devious. It’s hard to think of a more destructive and hateful person in politics for the last 35 years. Joe Biden is not smart, clever, or devious; he’s just dumb and mean. AOC and the rest of the Squad are just pikers in terms of tenure and hatefulness. Nan is the undisputed queen. Before she hands over the Speakers gavel to whoever next month, she showed her viciousness, but with the latest legislation, she brought home the bacon.

Beijing says it “deplores and firmly opposes” the new legislation adopted by Washington
The US National Defense Authorization Act hypes up the “China threat,” interferes in the country’s internal affairs and attacks the Chinese Communist Party, Beijing said on Saturday.
The $858-billion military spending program for fiscal year 2023, signed into law by US President Biden on Friday, is “a serious political provocation against China,” that country’s foreign ministry pointed out in a statement. Beijing “deplores and firmly opposes” the new legislation, it added.

ER Editor: Seasoned readers will recognize the hideous influence of Cultural Marxism behind the deliberate destruction of our values, spirituality, constitutions and nation states. Merry Christmas to everyone! ******** The Greatest Gift For All PAUL […]
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