Year: 2022

Unless you are a serious amateur or professional, you are using your smartphone to take photos or videos. I decided that for most GraniteGrok work, I decided to get a high end smartphone instead of a new prosumer video camera.

Thus far, I haven’t been disappointed.
And thus, I have noticed that I see very few “camera cameras” in peoples’ hands.  And this chart shows why – call it a “camera cliff”?

Yes, that IS a cliff!
(H/T: Caveman Circus)
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Moscow will focus on Asian markets despite EU requests to increase supply, Deputy Prime Minister Novak says
Russian gas is still in high demand in the EU despite the bloc’s latest sanctions on the country’s energy exports, but Moscow intends to divert trade flows elsewhere, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak said on Friday.

Hong Kong is aiming to reopen its border with China by mid-January, city leader John Lee announced on Saturday after returning from meetings in Beijing. The border has been effectively shut for nearly three years while China enforced a zero-Covid strategy of snap lockdowns, travel restrictions and mass testing that battered the world’s second-largest economy. […]
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