Year: 2022

Castrated RINO Adam Kinzinger decided to throw one last tantrum on his way out the doors of Congress. Once again, he had members of his own party squarely in his sights.
Kinzinger, a man more whipped than the Gimp in Pulp Fiction, told NBC News Thursday that his son will be proud of him for opposing Trump.  The congressmen who defended Trump, however, will have kids that will disown them.
His statement:
“I have zero regrets. And I know my kid, I know this, he will be proud to have the last name. And a lot of my colleagues will have kids that’ll be ashamed of them.

In recent months, we at 19FortyFive have published several articles on how Russia’s repeated attempts to build a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier have ended in miserable and ignominious failure. (Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel Here. Check out More 19FortyFive Videos Here) It is no small source of embarrassment for Vladimir Putin and his Russian Navy admirals […]
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“This is what a country looks like that gives the government up to those that are not, in any sense of the word, qualified.”

How sick can these people get, you might ask?  Well, just keep letting them do what it is that they are doing and you will find how depraved and reprobate that they will continue to be (Romans 1:28-32).
If they are not legally stopped, in pushing their agenda in Canada and world-wide, you can rest assured that this will come to America! (Look at the mindset of the reprobates and criminals; John 8:44).