Year: 2022

The Gary Sinise Foundation and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida teamed up this month to honor the families of fallen veterans with the trip of a lifetime.
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WJXX-TV in Jacksonville reported:

More than 800 families of fallen veterans were hosted at Disney World this month.

The outlet reported:

This five-day event known as the Snowball Express allowed almost 2,000 people to experience one of the most famous tourist destinations on Earth.

Ukrainian officials have called for Olympic champion Anna Shcherbakova to be stripped of an award nomination
The Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation (UFSF) is guilty of “extremism and Nazism” after requesting that Russia’s Anna Shcherbakova be removed from a list of international award nominees, according to Russian State Duma Deputy Dmitry Svishchev.
Olympic champion Shcherbakova, 18, has been nominated by the International Skating Union (ISU) in the ‘Most Valuable Skater’ category for its 2023 Awards.

From Next News Network:
Senator Rick Scott recently revealed that the Biden Administration attempted to hide some major statistics from the public, revealing what he called a “lie”. This administration is always bragging about something when we all know they have nothing to brag about. They thought they were going to get away with this.

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“It’s truly mind blowing that people actually believe every word they and MSM say.

January 6th committee to adjourn without fulfilling year old promise to release Epps transcript.
The one person on film telling people to go into the Capitol (multiple times) disappears from FBI list and is not even mentioned in the 845 page final report.
— Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) December 23, 2022

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ER Editor: We haven’t published much on Alexander Navalny, but he became a cause celebre for anti-Russianism a while back. Little known in Russia apparently, he was allegedly poisoned and brought to the ‘west’ for […]
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