Year: 2022

Craving a fast food salad? Probably not. But you can find healthy foods even at places notorious for unhealthy options. And it doesn’t have to be salad. We went on a search for what healthy eaters, such as dieticians, order in the drive-thru. Turns out, the healthiest fast food items are actually delicious, too. Offering…
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Genesee County, MI – A Michigan man with teeth filed to sharp points has been arrested for allegedly raping and trafficking a pregnant woman while holding her captive for weeks, as well as threatening to tear her throat out with his teeth if she tried to escape, according to investigators.
Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson said in a video release on Dec. 14 that the 20-year-old victim had been held captive by 36-year-old Michael Anthony Barajas since the week of Thanksgiving.

Seven out of ten people would prefer to see peace talks rather than betting on a battlefield victory for Kiev, the survey found
French people overwhelmingly favor arming Ukraine while promoting a negotiated peace solution, as opposed to simply giving Kiev weapons until it can defeat Russia, an opinion poll released on Sunday has shown.
Seven out of ten people in France told the pollster Ifop that they wanted their government and the EU as a whole to pursue peace talks while keeping up military aid to Ukraine. Details of the December survey were published by Le Journal du Dimanche.