Year: 2022

Elon Musk today weighed in on a story from the New York Times regarding Dr. Anthony Fauci.
Musk made the observations in response to a tweet from The Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy where he shared the article titled, “After Half a Century, Fauci Prepares for Life After Government.”
Dunleavy pointed out that in the very first sentence of the Times’ profile, it said, “The walls in Dr. Anthony S. Fauci’s home office are adorned with portraits of him, drawn and painted by some of his many fans.”
Musk told Dunleavy in response, “creepy.

A suspect arrested in connection to four murders in Idaho has a background in the world of criminology.
Bryan Kohberger, then a graduate criminology student at DeSales University, asked members of an “ExCons” Reddit forum to participate in a research project of his in June, according to Insider.
Kohberger asked offenders to share information on their own thoughts and feelings regarding their crime in the project.

OutKick’s newest star, speed skating sensation Jutta Leerdam, has finally revealed her secret to success.
Apparently, it’s all the extra meat on her bones.
In an interview with NPO Radio earlier this week, Leerdam, who has amassed a massive social media following, said her astonishing success is due to her “extra fat.”
“I have become stronger and heavier,” Leerdam said Wednesday, just hours before she won the NK sprint for the third time and set a pair of track records along the way.
“I now use that extra fat as strength.

World Boxing Council president Mauricio Sulaiman has indicated that the WBC plans to develop a program in which transgender fighters compete against opponents who share the same biological sex — he is adamant that biological men should never fight against biological women.
“In boxing, a man fighting a woman must never be accepted regardless of gender change. There should be no grey area around this, and we want to go into it with transparency and the correct decisions.

In his final days as a U.S. House Rep., bitter Adam Kinzinger (IL-R) lashed out at U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in response to her comments that the January 6th committee had dropped their subpoena of former President Donald Trump.
On the news of the subpoena being dropped Boebert tweeted:
“I’m confused. The J6 Committee withdrew @realDonaldTrump‘s subpoena. I thought they were sooooo close to catching him? I thought his imprisonment was “imminent” and “inevitable?” Weren’t “the walls closing in?” Oh, well. Better luck next time, kids.”

I’m confused.

Joe Biden and his family of grifters this week traveled to St. Croix for another vacation.
Biden has spent 280 days – or 40% of his presidency on vacation.

Biden is vacationing in sunny St. Croix while Americans freeze to death.

Polar Vortex hits Buffalo
On Thursday Joe Biden signed the $1.7 trillion Omnibus spending bill in St. Croix.
The White House flew the Omnibus bill to Joe Biden.
So environmentally friendly!

Biden was spotted for the first time on vacation on Friday playing a round of golf.
His golf swing is terrible.

Researchers in Japan have pioneered a groundbreaking new biotechnology that triggers the human body’s immune system to attack cancer cells, marking a potential huge leap forward in the treatment of various types of cancers.
For the first time ever, scientists used artificial DNA to target and kill cancer cells, a method proven effective in lab tests against human cervical and breast cancers, as well as malignant melanoma cells from mice.