Year: 2022

A Florida gun designer was shocked to discover his primitive single-shot gag gun landed on the Canadian government’s list of firearms to ban in the country.
“Butt Master” designer and sole owner Mark Serbu commented on the creation’s “absurd” inclusion in Canada’s controversial legislation to curb gun violence Thursday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”
“This is hilarious, it’s awesome,” Serbu said.

Do you long to live a significant life? We want our lives to count, but we feel minuscule, like our ordinary everyday moments will never amount to anything. We take stock of the families we were born into, the towns we grew up in, and the positions we serve in, then determine they are of little value.
If we aren’t careful, we can start to believe that who we are, where we are, and what we are doing doesn’t really matter. However, nothing could be further from the truth.
A significant life is actually simpler than you think.

Democrats are blasting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) for sending three migrant buses to Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence in Washington, DC on Christmas Eve in freezing temperatures.
As Breitbart News reported, Abbott’s Division of Emergency Management sent the three buses filled with border crossers to Harris’s D.C. residence, the Naval Observatory, while the highest temperature on Christmas Eve reached just 22 degrees.
After the roughly 130 border crossers arrived at Harris’s residence, they were picked up by a local aid group and taken to a nearby church.

For a malevolent regime opposed to the interests of its people, statistics are no friend. The media can be counted on to selectively suppress them. But because there are alternative information outlets available for those curious enough to step outside the liberal establishment propaganda bubble, extra measures sometimes need to be taken. Examples include the key issues of leaving the border open to displace the population and the inevitable upcoming gun grab.

It’s been a long time since Wisconsin football coach Luke Fickell has seen his children.
The new Badgers coach took over in Madison near the end of November, and excitement is absolutely off the charts for what Fickell will do.
However, it’s come at a price for him and his family.

Star QB Prospect Commits To Big Ten Program

While addressing the media late Monday ahead of the Guaranteed Rate Bowl against Oklahoma State, Fickell revealed he hasn’t seen his family in about a month.
“It’s difficult. It’s difficult, but we felt this was the best thing for all of us.

We here at the Washington Free Beacon are no fans of change.
We haven’t replaced our Brita filter since the Obama administration. We still publish Matthew Continetti. And in flagrant defiance of the movement to abolish gender, each year we proudly honor MEN—not women, not people, not gender dysmorphic bi-genitalia pansexuals—but MEN of the Year.
Until now.
For years, we laughed at progressives who said men could be women and women could be president. But this year, one brave woman convinced us that men do not have a monopoly on manliness.