Year: 2022

As a response to a federal order by the Department of Defense, West Point is starting to remove all Confederate statues and portraits from its campus.
West Point Superintendent Lieutenant General Steve Gilland broke the news and stated “During the holiday break, we will begin a multi-phased process, in accordance with Department of Defense directives, to remove, rename or modify assets and real property at the United States Military Academy and West Point installation that commemorate or memorialize the Confederacy or those who voluntarily served with the Confederacy”.

The California Government Code provides for cities and counties, and sets forth a number of powers and duties of legislative bodies. Government Code Section 50020 provides that, when a statute requires a local agency to take legislative action by resolution and the local agency is required by its charter to take legislative action by ordinance, action by ordinance is deemed to be compliance with the statute for all purposes.
Section 50022.1 provides definitions for the following terms: “code,” “primary code,” “secondary code,” “published,” and “approved.”
Section 50022.

Buffalo residents hovered around space heaters, hunted for cars buried in snow drifts and looked for more victims Monday, after 28 people died in one of the worst weather-related disasters ever to hit western New York.
Police said Sunday evening that there were two “isolated” instances of looting during the storm, according to the Associated Press. However, the authorities are still assessing the fallout from the storm, as of Tuesday.

David Caldwell Log Cabin School – Virtual
Teddy Bear holds a Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) degree, and practices medicine as a general practitioner. As a hobby, Teddy collects various state’s medical licenses. Having entered medical school specifically with a coming collapse in mind, Teddy appreciates the opportunity to educate, viewing it as a form of caching. Teddy Bear trains to protect the innocent from monsters when the lights go out, and hopes you do, too.

Readers are now suggesting Screencaps 2023 resolutions
• Mark in Nebraska writes:
Your new years resolution is: brightemily at least once a week!!!!
Battery Daddy…killer gift for my adult boys (and myself)
Best column in the world…love it
Repeat: brightemily at least once a week!
Mark, I will do my best, but you have to remember that some of these IG models don’t maintain a weekly IG presence. That means you might have to deal with some TikTok screenshots. Now, I know how all of you feel about Communist China and its spying app.