Year: 2022

The days of paying a premium for a used Tesla are seemingly in the rear-view mirror as demand for the pioneering electric vehicle plummets. The price of a used Tesla has plunged 17% in the past five months — from a peak of $67,297 in July to $55,754 in November, according to a Reuters report….

As a once-in-a-lifetime blizzard descended on Buffalo, New York, a young woman named Anndel Taylor tried to make it home after work only to get stranded in her car for 18 hours, sending a final heartbreaking video home to her loved ones before she died.

(Video Credit: TODAY)
Taylor, 22, died over the weekend after heading home on Friday afternoon, getting stuck with 50 inches of snow surrounding her vehicle. She is one of at least 28 who has perished in the snowstorm, devastating New York’s second-largest city according to the Associated Press.